The world’s best value, instructional and easy to use coastal navigation training system!

For hundreds of years there has been this mystique that learning Coastal Navigation requires some special skills or knowledge. Well nothing could be further from the truth. The very basics of coastal navigation is to know where we are, where we are going to and how to get there. While other programs may charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars we know the concept of coastal navigation is quite easy and so we have devised a program that can be undertaken for under $100.00.

We have designed the Coastal Navigation  -  it’s Easy!  program to be a complete low cost course covering all aspects of coastal navigation.  It features full narration, video, hundreds of illustrations and animated graphics and step-by-step examples.

There are relevant exercises included that give you ample opportunity to engage in actual coastal navigation chartwork activities!

Whether you are new to boating or a seasoned professional who just wants a ‘refresher’ this course will take you from the basics right through to a stage where you should be able to pass any exam on coastal navigation with any relevant authority.

The Coastal’s Easy! program is presented in an easy-to-understand format and based on the coastal navigation modules of the many coastal navigation courses that have successfully been conducted for many years in various parts of the world.

The Coastal's Easy! program will teach you how to:

      • Learn Coastal Navigation Terminology
      • Learn to interpret nautical chart features
      • Understand chart reliability
      • Identify charts symbols, dangers, soundings, lights etc
      • Use nautical charts for plotting courses, dead reckoning (DR), estimated (EP) and confirmed (fixes) positions
      • Learn how to plot Transits, measure distances and find directions
      • Learn how to calculate and apply Set and Drift
      • Understand the IALA Buoyage system
      • Understand and use Speed, Time and Distance calculations
      • Understand and apply Variation and Deviation to courses and bearings
      • Be introduced to Radar and GPS for use in navigation
      • Conduct a simulated cruise passage
      • Understand and apply tidal and current information and much more

Coastal Navigation Training program - what you will receive:

  • Coastal's Easy Training Video
  • Over 60 exercises with answers
  • Tips, Tricks and Terminology
  • Unlimited access to our Trainer by email or phone

There are three International editions, - one each for Australia (600 + programs sold), The United Kingdom and the United States of America each using charts relevant to their area.

With the Coastal Navigation.. it’s Easy! program you can learn at YOUR PACE  -  at YOUR PLACE  - whenever YOU want for a very low cost!


FREE Boat Licence

All enrolments for the Coxswain Course or Deckhand (GPH) Course receive a NSW Boat Licence course for FREE.

Valued at $255.00.