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All Hands on Deck Maritime Training
Why is Professional Deckhand Training Required?

Like most industries it is a pre-requisite to obtaining employment that all prospective candidates must undergo some type of formal training.
  • The Construction Industry requires workers to undertake OH & S Training to obtain a 'Green Card' before entering and working on construction sites.
  • The Transport Industry requires workers to undertake driver training to obtain Heavy Vehicle and/or Passenger Vehicle Licences before driving Semi- Trailers or Buses etc.
  • A Confined Space course must be undertaken if you are employed in this particular area of industry.
  • Taxi Drivers need to have a Taxi Licence.
  • The Warehouse Industry requires some workers to undertake training and be in possession of a Fork Lift drivers licence.

These are just a few examples of where training is required and needs to be undertaken prior to seeking employment in those fields.
The Maritime Industry, by the very nature of the work undertaken, and that is working in isolated environments at sea, requires quite intensive training in a number of different areas such as:

  • Living in an environment with people from different cultures and backgrounds for lengthy periods
  • Being proficient in surviving at sea in the event the the vessel needs to be abandoned
  • Being proficient in understanding Fire, Fire Prevention and how to respond to a Fire in the case of an emergency
  • Being knowledgable in ropework, anchoring procedures, performing Lookout duties etc to name just a few.

Listed below are the 9 steps required to obtain an endorsement by NSW Maritime to work on board a Commercial Vessel (up to 80 metres in length):

  • Undertake a Deckhand Training Course with All Hands on Deck Maritime Training and complete training in the following areas:
    1. GPH Training
    2. Fire Fighting
    3. Survival at Sea
    4. First Aid Training
    5. Receive a Certificate of Competency from All Hands on Deck Maritime Training on completion of the GPH course
    6. Undertake an Eye Sight Test with a Medical Practioner
    7. Undertaken a Medical Examination with a Medical Practioner
    8. Obtain a "Record of Service"(ROS)Log Book from NSW Maritime (Cost about $27.00)
    9. Present your 'All Hands on Deck Maritime Training' General Purpose Hand Certificate and First Aid Certificate to NSW Maritime and obtain a stamped endorsement in your ROS book.

    Sound like something you would like to do?

    Then please click on the link below to enrol in our next GPH Deckhand Training Course.

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PH: 0434 803 687 - E: All Hands on Deck Maritime Training