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    All Hands on Deck Maritime Training
    Coxswain Training Course

    Coxswain Course

    The Coxswain course enables students to complete the Units of Competency from the TDM07 Training Package that lead to a Certificate of Competency being issued by NSW Maritime on completion of an 'oral' examination. The Coxswain Certificate allows the holder to take command of a commercial vessel up to 12 metres in length with engine capacity of up to 250 kW (340 HP) up to 15 miles from the coast.

    Participants, on successful completion of the Coxswain course, will:

    • Understand vessel handling and manoeuvring characteristics
    • Instigate correct emergency and safety procedures
    • Learn basic meteorology
    • Understand the IALA Buoyage System
    • Perform practical seamanship including splicing, knots and hitches
    • Fight & extinguish fire
    • Survive at sea in the event of vessel abandonment
    • Understand and be able to safely implement the Collision Regulations and Port Operations regulations
    • Conduct engine start up and shut down procedures
    • Use deck machinery including winches and lifting gear
    • Understand marine cooling, oil lubrication, bilge/fire pumping and fuel systems
    • Gain knowledge of the construction and operation of marine diesel engines
    • Prepare a vessel for sea
    • Understand low voltage electrical systems

    The Coxswain Course can be commenced at any time through our secure online enrolment process with PayPaL. Each month we conduct a practical full time 5 day Coxswain session on board our training vessel. The practical sessions are interesting and challenging with assessments based on the student's previous online learning.

    On completion of the course you will have developed the knowledge, skills, and more importantly confidence, to take command of a commercial vessel up to 12 metres in length.

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    It is important to understand that successful candidates will be required to undertake an 'oral' examination with a NSW Maritime examiner prior to the issue of a Certificate of Competency.

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