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    All Hands on Deck Maritime Training
    NSW Maritime Recreational Boat Licence & PWC Courses
    RTO Training Provider #90927

    NSW Maritime Boat Licence & PWC Courses
    'Complete 4 - 4 1/2 Hour Boat Licence course held weekly'

    Enrol in the Adult Boat Licence course including 'Practical' here or
    Enrol in the Young Adult (12-16 years) Boat Licence course including 'Practical' here

    All Hands on Deck Maritime Training is a

    NSW Maritime 'Accredited Safe Boating Course Provider'
    and an
    Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Provider #90927

    Since 2006 the Recreational Boating Licence Course has been compulsory for all persons wishing to obtain their General Boating Licence from NSW Maritime. In addition, as of the 1st June 2009, it is a requirement for all applicants to undertake 'Practical' boat training. The General Boat Licence is obtained by:
    1. Studying the NSW Maritime Boating Handbook. Request a copy here
    2. Checking your progress with our online assignments
    3. Attending a Boat Safety Course (BSC) course face to face session
    4. Successfully completing a NSW Maritime 40 question written assessment

    There are 2 options to choose from when enrolling. Click on the links below for your preferred course enrolment:

    1. Enrolling in the Boat Safety Course and exam session only (2-2 1/2 hours) (Cost $125.00) and completing the NSW Maritime 'Practical' Log Book or

    2. Enrolling in the complete Boat Safety Course, exam session and 'Practical' in one 4-4 1/2 hour session (Cost $195.00) (You do not need to complete a Log Book if you choose this option)

    On completion of either course a 'Certificate of Course Completion' is issued by All Hands on Deck Maritime Training which is then presented to NSW Maritime for the issue of a General Boat Licence. No further examination is required provided the certificate is presented to NSW Maritime within 12 months of the course being completed.

    OUR GUARANTEE: As a Training Organisation we pride ourselves on our ability to train and assess professionally. We are so sure that if you enrol in the full Adult Boat Licence course and complete the online assignments we provide that you will successfully complete the NSW Maritime Boat course in the first session. If not, we will refund your course fee IN FULL! That's how confident we are of our system.

    If you would like more information on the NSW Maritime Boat and Jetski (PWC) Licences then please complete the details below to download some more free .pdf information from our websites.

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    Please e-mail or telephone us with any questions you may have regarding our Maritime Training Courses.

    The course covers the areas listed below in accordance with the Recreational Outdoor Training Package SRO03:

    The General Boating Licence syllabus incorporates the following Units of Competency:
    Carry out Trip Preparation and Planning
    Safely Operate a Mechanically Powered Recreational Boat
    Respond to Boating Emergencies and Incidents
    Comply with Maritime Rules and Regulations
    Contents of each Unit of Competency include:
    • Maintain the boat and safety equipment
    • Maintain mooring and berthing apparatus
    • Plan trip

    • Manoeuvre and handle boat
    • Navigate safely
    • Anchor the boat

    • Use safety equipment
    • Raise alarm
    • Deal with on-board emergency
    • Assist others in distress

    • Determine relevant rules and regulations
    • Comply with relevant rules and regulations with respect to a specific activity

    The Personal Water Craft (PWC) Licence syllabus incorporates the following Units of Competency:
    Select and Maintain a Personal Water Craft
    Demonstrate basic skills to ride a personal watercraft in controlled conditions
    To obtain a Personal Water Craft Licence (PWC) you must be in possession of a current General Boating Licence.
    Contents of each Unit of Competency include:
    • Select a Personal Water Craft (PWC)
    • Set up a Personal Water Craft (PWC)
    • Conduct routine maintenance on a Personal Water Craft (PWC)

    • Plan to ride a PWC
    • Select and use equipment and apparel
    • Perform pre start checks
    • Demonstrate basic skills to ride a PWC
    • Manoeuvre and handle a PWC
    • Ride a PWC in a safe manner


    PH: 0434 803 687 - E: All Hands on Deck Maritime Training